4 Ways to Get Started as a CNA

A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant, and it’s also one of the most in-demand jobs in America. This guide will help you determine if this career is for you, provide tips on finding a job as a CNA, and walk you through step-by-step what to expect once you’re on the job.

Job Description

CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, is a job that most everyone can apply for. Other names for this occupation include patient care aide or nursing assistant. If you’re thinking about becoming a CNA, we have four ways to help you get started. We’ll discuss what CNAs do and how to become certified from home.

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Four ways to Get Started as a CNA:

1. Attend a Job Fair

Attending a job fair is one of the best ways to get started as a CNA. They provide you with an opportunity to meet potential employers in person. It also allows you to ask any questions while allowing potential employers to interview you on the spot. When trying to find a job fair, make it clear that the fair is for CNAs and similar healthcare professionals. This will help increase your chances of landing an interview.

2. Get Trained from Home

If you’re unable to attend a job fair because of a busy schedule or geographical location, you may want to look at getting trained from home. With online training, you’ll receive the same information and curriculum as a regular classroom. All of the information is delivered easily for you to understand and work through.

3. Upgrade Your Education

Another option for getting started as a CNA is upgrading your education. Many community colleges currently offer online training. This may be an option if you want to start as a CNA more quickly than attending a traditional school. Online courses are usually more affordable than normal classes, so they’re becoming more popular with potential CNAs.

4. Get a Certification

Another option for getting started as a CNA is getting your certification. You can attend a local college to get your certification, or you may be able to earn it online. Be sure to ask potential employers about the certification before beginning your training. Not all employers require their CNAs to have a state license or certification.

If you want to get started as a CNA, attend a job fair, or find some on-the-job training, make sure that the people at the job fair understand that you’re there to find a career in the health field.