25 Unique Office Accessories

Do you think you have a boring work life? Look around and see the colors in your office. Is it primarily brown, black, grey and whites? Do you sit in the same old office chair? Need to keep an eye on your office while your away? Here are some cool, funky and colorful office accessories that are highly useful and will add some life to your workspace. The times when you are out of creativity, need some inspiration or perhaps some motivation from your surroundings, these handy items will be more than just accessories.

Where to Buy
Shindel Drinking Cup Holder Clip
Kikkerland Dino Memo Holder
Meco Cordless Keyboard Cleaner
Treadmill Desk
Neo Digital Smart Pen
Blue key world cable clips
RoomyRoc Mobile Laptop Desk/Cart/Stand with Adjustable Tabletop and Footrest
Blomus Notepaper Roll Holder
Rocky Desk Butler
Kikkerland USB Spaceman Light
SCS Enterprises Spy Camera
Streamline Universal 5 in 1 USB Rainbow Charger
Chuzy Chef Self Stirring Mug
Senders 6Inch Floating Globe with LED Lights
KINGWorld iPhone Charging Stand
Engravers Central Personalized Office Desk Name Plate
IPPINKA Portable Hand-operated Paper Shredder
Minya International Corp. MI-557 Kitchen Sink Paper Clip Holder
Artinova Wooden Office Desk Organizer Pen and Pencil Holder Stationery Storage Box
DUBS Noise Cancelling Music Ear Plugs
Lump Lift Posture Coach
Star Wars Computer Sitters
Shopinmall Creative Mini trash Can Creative Mini Trash Can
Wears 3D Self Propelled card holder
Soundance Laptop Stand Holder


1. Shindel Drinking Cup Holder Clip

For all those avid coffee and tea users, who keep sipping and spilling their drink around the table, this is a saviour. Shindel Drinking Cup Holder strong clips on the edge of your table and holds the cup away from your computer and documents, but close to your reach. Let every sip be an inspiration.

2. Kikkerland Dino Memo Holder

Let this little Dino help you organize the mess you make with pens and memos. It holds storage space to place pens and pencils, and a clip to hang your important notes. Now you wouldn’t have to search for important memos or borrow a pen, the Dino will have them for you.

3. Meco Cordless Keyboard Cleaner

This mini, portable and rechargeable vacuum cleaner is for the tiny dust particles that silently sweep inside your keyboard and around your laptop. Despite being handy, it comes with a powerful suction and two vacuum nozzles that will keep your workstation neat and tidy, through-out the day.

4. Treadmill Desk

Do you get tired of sitting in one place all day? And then you have no time to go to the gym? Here is the solution; get this fabulous treadmill desk for your office. It serves as a multipurpose desk including a manuscript holder, three-level file folder; telephone/headset stand and cup holders. So work and workout, together!

5. Neo Digital Smart Pen

This is a must-have accessory for all those who attend frequent meetings and do loads of writing. A digital pen holds a small camera inside the pen that records all your writings and converts into data that can be transferred and stored on your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, it allows you to use different fonts, edit your notes and share them on various platforms as well.

6. Blue key world cable clips

For all those who get irritated with cables and cords coming in their way, this little cord clip will give you some piece of mind. Glass, wood, plastic, whatever the surface is, these clips are super adhesive and easy to use. Peel, stick and keep your workstation clean and organized.

7. RoomyRoc Mobile Laptop Desk/Cart/Stand with Adjustable Tabletop and Footrest

If you have a small office or perhaps too many colleagues; you must get this mobile desk. It occupies less space, yet spacious enough to accommodate a laptop and other bare necessities. With padded and adjustable footrest, it is convenient and portable.
Next time you want to show something on your screen, you don’t need to call others but just move in your mobile desk.

8. Blomus Notepaper Roll Holder

Do you misplace your memo notepapers? Try this new and fun to use notepaper roller and holder. Just write your notes and rip off the paper. Oh and if you misplace your pens as well, don’t worry; Blomus has a pen holder too.

9. Rocky Desk Butler

If you are looking for something cute, compact and useful for your office desk, Rocky is here. Available in red and black color, Rocky Desk Butler has a magnetic mouth for paper clips, storage back for pins, staples and a spacious top for pens and pencils. A handy accessory to keep your desk neat and attractive.

10. Kikkerland USB Spaceman Light

Need some personal light on your screen? The spaceman is here to give you super bright light and a flexible, adjustable USB cord to alter the directions of the light. A perfect little partner when you work at night.

11. SCS Enterprises Spy Camera

This is not an ordinary air freshener but a spy too. Yes, with a WiFi, recording and remote internet access, this is a plug-in air freshener with a hidden spy camera. With very dim light, high resolution and wide angle, it has an internal 8GB memory, which is almost 36 video hours. It is easy to setup and smartphone friendly.

12. Streamline Universal 5 in 1 USB Rainbow Charger

All in one, this universal rainbow charger has 5 different ports, allowing you to charge 5 different electronic gadgets in one time. A must-have a travel partner for all frequent travellers and gadget collectors.

13. Chuzy Chef Self Stirring Mug

If you know how awkward it is to stir in the middle of the meeting or discussion, you know what you need. This handy, self-stirring mug works well with all kinds of beverages, so do your work and let the mug do the stirring

14. Senders 6Inch Floating Globe with LED Lights

An office is incomplete without a globe but the globes we see around are pretty boring. Senders Globe is a high-tech, super cool globe that rotates automatically and features an LED light. Available in many colors, you can decorate your own desk or give it to your colleague as a gift.

15. KINGWorld iPhone Charging Stand

This 2-in-1 charging and data sync iPhone gadget is another must-have office accessory. With an anti-slip bottom, you don’t have to worry about your iPhone from falling off the table. Made up of solid metal, it holds the phone firmly and can tilt the up to 15 degrees, so that you can use and charge your phone at the same time.

16. Engravers Central Personalized Office Desk Name Plate

This office accessory is a perfect welcome gift for new colleagues. Made up of acrylic glass, you can customize name and designation in different fonts and give your office desk an elegant professional touch.

17. IPPINKA Portable Hand-operated Paper Shredder

For the lazy colleagues who don’t want to walk to the paper shredder, here is a portable desktop solution. This lightweight, hand operated paper shredder is easy to use and can shred two A-6 sheets at the same time.

18. Minya International Corp. MI-557 Kitchen Sink Paper Clip Holder

This is a unique and interesting magnetic clip holder, that stores clips in the sink and the magnetic steel tap pulls one clip at a time for use. A small, handy and useful little thing that can be kept on all office desks.

19. Artinova Wooden Office Desk Organizer Pen and Pencil Holder Stationery Storage Box

For smaller workstations, that have less space, this wooden box is more than enough. Alongside a pen holder, storage compartment for remote and phone it also gives a month, date and day calendar. The maple wood construction makes it durable than plastic organizers and an economical gift to give to your colleagues and friends.

20. DUBS Noise Cancelling Music Ear Plugs

These mini earplugs are more than you see. They filter the external loud noises, protect your ears from noise pollution and bring to you only the sounds that your ears are meant to hear.

21. Lump Lift Posture Coach

Lump lift is a wearable little gadget that vibrates every time you slouch. It works on Bluetooth technology and compatible on all smartphones via their application.

22. Star Wars Computer Sitters

Let your loneliness at work be shared with these funky and cool Star Wars computer sitters. If you are a Star Wars fan, you will love Boba Fett

23. Shopinmall Creative Mini trash Can Creative Mini Trash Can

A funky and colorful addition to each desk of the office, these mini trash cans will make sure that everyone cleans their desk daily.

24. Wears 3D Self Propelled card holder

Made up of plywood, this is a magical box that tilts, raises and opens by simply pushing the side lever. You can use it to keep your visiting cards or simply some pins and tacs.

25. Soundance Laptop Stand Holder

For the creative brains, who work day and night in the office, this is a must keep office accessory. Soundance Laptop Holder is an ergonomically designed laptop riser that prevents you from bending on the screen. This little addition will certainly be a big relief to your mental and physical stress.