Don’t send a search party {let’s look at crafty things!}

This little corner area still needs some love but it will totally work for now.
Fear not. I’m alive!
Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog for the last 25 days. Crazy, right? I think that’s the longest I’ve gone between blog posts, and it wasn’t completely unintentional. In fact, it’s been pretty nice. I was starting to hit my stress threshold and cutting back on the blog for a couple of weeks really helped me even things out and catch up on a few things I’d been slacking on.
So what exactly have I been up to? I’ve been spending a lot nights downstairs in my new basement craft room. If you recall, I was using a corner of the baby room as my little makeshift craft area before the baby actually arrived. Harper was born July 22nd and that’s when crafting went completely out the window. No time to create crap when I’m a sleep deprived milk machine! Thankfully (and also sadly) we are out of the “newborn” stage and Harper is almost 5 months old. 5 months! She’s a tad more predictable now, sleeps mostly through the night, and leaves me with (gasp) a little free time after her bedtime. I needed a new craft area, and the only place with room was in the basement. So downstairs I went.
Let me start off by pointing out the disgusting walls. We’re in a rental right now, and this extra “family room” in the basement is something else. Apparently the landlords at one point thought it would be a good idea to cover the walls (in this room only) with some crazy, plastic faux rock stuff. I feel like I’m in a stone age bomb shelter or something. Whatever. It’s a room, and it’s big. So big, in fact, that the other side of the room is my husband’s area where he can paint & draw for work or play his guitars when I’m not around. This is also our only spare room in the house so we even fit in a futon for the few times we have overnight guests. Moving my craft stuff downstairs really kicked my butt into gear though because this entire room was going virtually unused for the last year. It was full of half unpacked boxes and served as a “throw your extra crap in here” area.
Anyway, it’s so nice to have my own space again for my little hobby. I had no idea how much stuff I have! Two sets of plastic drawers completely stuffed with fabric, tons of quilting books and magazines, card stock and scrapbooking paper, and now my new favorite- Silhouette accessories, wood, and vinyl! I’ve been loving using my Silhouette Cameo for my Christmas projects. If I could use this thing every day, I would. Here’s just a few of the projects I’ve been working on lately.


Etched beer mugs for a wedding gift.
Shot glasses for a nurse.


Super quick, fun, painted 12×12 inch wood sign for my fireplace mantle.


Nativity sets for Christmas!


 Glitter ornaments. This proved to be a much bigger project than anticipated.
Also, glitter is messy.


I’ve gotten pretty good at “weeding” tiny & intricate 2 inch tall pieces of vinyl.
The paper thin lines in the Dr. Who Tardis (left) strained my eyes so badly!


And this little wooden sign was made for a friend to give as a gift for a new baby.


That’s what’s been keeping me busy after my bedtime, now let’s not forget the 3 little creatures that keep me busy all day long. Ayden and Lily just had amazing parent-teacher conferences. Their teachers had nothing but great things to say about each of them and they both brought home near-perfect report cards with very impressive grades. I could not be prouder of my hard working little smarties! Then of course there’s Harper- 15 1/2 pound, chubby-cheeked, roly-poly, soon-to-be 5 month old Harper. She’s getting so big and learning new things every day. She just figured out how to grab things with both hands and she loves to make this really fun spit sound and sprays her saliva all over you. She’s also super close to rolling over, which means it’s time to baby-proof everything. We’re doomed. With a fireplace, an expose railing in the living room, and a set of stairs by the dining room we have a lot to do to get this place safe for a mobile baby! This precious baby phase is going so quickly…another reason I’ve kind of backed off of blogging. I’m trying to savor these everyday moments that aren’t going to last forever.
I hope you’re enjoying this crazy busy holiday season with your friends, families, and loved ones!
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