16 Best Backyard Games for BBQ Parties

Backyard BBQ parties are always a success with good food and your loved ones around. Throw in some backyard games and the party will be much more amazing and memorable. If you want your guests to be more interactive, then setting up outdoor games along with piping hot BBQ is a perfect choice. 

If you are throwing a BBQ party to relieve the good old days you spent with your family and friends, check out our article on throwing a Retro Style BBQ party to set it up in the best way possible.  

Here are 16 best backyard games for your BBQ parties:

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1. Water bottle bowling

Bowling may be an indoor game but no worries, get about ten water bottles from your recycling bin, fill them up with water, and set them up in a rectangle shape about 20-30 feet away from the players. Now, use a ball (any size) to knock them out. Play 1 VS 1 or team vs team – it will make your party much more exciting. 

2. Egg race

If you used to play egg race in your childhood, you must remember how entertaining and thrilling this game was. You can refresh your childhood memories with your old friends by playing this game and having tasty grilled food being cooked at one side. You don’t need to buy anything special to play it as all the required items are already available in your kitchen. Grab a couple of spoons and a bunch of eggs. 

You can make the game even more interesting by tying both the hands of each player behind their back. 

3. Bocce ball

Bocce ball is a game that has been played since ancient times, and it comes in various forms. For example, it is known as petanque in France and bowls in the UK. The best thing about this game is that it works for two people or two teams, which means more people can play the game rather than just watching it. 

It is easy to play – to score a point, the player needs to throw the bocce (balls) closer to the pallino (a smaller ball or jack). The team that scores 12 points first wins the game. 

4. Water balloon fight

Since you will be barbequing in hot summer days, a water balloon fight is a no-brainer to add into your backyard games’ list. If you think that filling up each balloon manually is a complex task when you are also hosting a big BBQ party, don’t worry, Instant Water Balloons are there for you. You can fill about 100 of these balloons in less than sixty seconds! 

Get them in different colors, make the teams based on those colors, and start throwing away.

5. Giant Board Games

Board games are always fun when you have a company of your loved ones. It is a group fun, and you can double the fun by using giant size versions of your favorite board game. You can buy giant Jenga or extra-large Tic-Tac-Toe and engage your best buddies excitingly. 

6. Ring toss or horseshoes

Whether your guests are old or young, ring toss and horseshoe are the games that everyone would love to play. All you need is a small pole and some rings or horseshoes – you have to toss the rings or horseshoes toward the pole and whoever successfully toss it right on it, wins. If you don’t have a pole and rings, you can get a plastic horseshoe and ring toss game set.

7. Balloon dart board

This is another balloon game that requires plenty of balloons and a couple of darts. Blow all the balloons and tape them to a large piece of cardboard on the wall, creating your own balloon dart board. Maintain some distance from the board and ask your players to hit the target. You should have spare inflated balloons already piled up in a box nearby so you can quickly tape them on the dartboard when the board gets low on balloons. 

8. Potato sack race

Have potato sacks lying around your storeroom? Great! If not, no problem, you can grab a pillow cover or even a sleeping bag and set up some lanes to set up your backyard race track. Everyone will enjoy when players will bop, hop, and fall over while trying to win. 

9. Corn Hole

Corn hole is one of the most popular partner games that require two large playing boards. If you want to make it at home, simply grab two large boards, punch a big enough hole in each of them, and decorate if you want them to look appealing. Position those boards at least 27 feet from the players. Now, players will take turns throwing a bean bag toward the board. The points are awarded based on where the tossed bean bag lands. 

You can also get a Portable Corn Hole Game Set if you don’t want to DIY. 

10. Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Have a ladder lying around in your garage? Label each rung with different points, get some bean bags and toss them through those rungs to earn points. The points are awarded based on which rung the bean bag goes through. 

11. Ladder Golf

This is one of the most underrated backyard games for BBQ parties that only requires a pair of ladders made with PVC pipes. The player should be at least 10 to 15 feet away from the ladder and toss the bolas on the rungs to score points. 

12. Spikeball

If you want your guests to play some action game, spikeball is the best option. It is just like volleyball, but instead of the ball going over the net, it hits the net, and then the other team takes service. It is also a great form of cardio. If you play it before eating the food, it will increase the hunger so your guests can eat their fill. 

13. Balloon Down

This is another balloon game that requires good aiming ability and focus. You need three balloons filled with helium and tied to a water bottle, so they don’t fly away. Use a marker to write scores on the balloon, like 10, 20, and 30. Tape a line on one side of the lawn, maybe 30-35 feet away. Put the lowest scoring balloon closest, so the novice players can at least hit that one easily. 

Next thing you need is a bucket of small footballs that are heavy enough to be tossed across the yard. Each player/team has five football tosses, whoever scores the most points, wins. 

14. Keep It up Balloon Game

This is a simple and interesting game that is easy and entertaining for both kids and adults. You need an inflated balloon and whoever keeps it up in the air for the longest amount of time, wins. 

15. Giant Inflatable Bowling

If you love playing giant games, then this giant inflatable bowling game is an excellent option. You need gigantic but lightweight ball and pins so even the little ones can play this game without getting hurt. 

16. Tetherball 

It is a classic party game that is fun to play. Get a rubber tetherball and set up a play area in your backyard so your guests can spend their time playing the game rather than waiting anxiously for food. 

Final verdict 

No matter if you go for a single game from the list or multiple, your guests would surely enjoy the party very much. Make tasty food as well because remember; food is what your guests came for in the first place. Check out our article on Top 3 Easiest Grilling Recipes so you can spend more time setting up your backyard games and enjoy playing them rather than worrying about the food much.