15-Minute Cleaning Tips

Doing household chores could easily take a toll on anyone’s body if not done efficiently, especially cleaning tasks around your home. The difficulty piles up if you have kids running around the house the whole day, not to mention having the time to do the cleaning itself, is a factor you need to consider. Fortunately, it’s possible to do household chores even with a limited time; again, efficiency is critical!

Manage your Time

People already proved that having a tidy house has a direct connection with being productive on a daily basis, so this is something you’ll benefit from cleaning in a much efficient way. But how exactly are you going to achieve that efficiency? Time management. It’s your house; it’s safe to assume that no one knows your home better than you do, so you need to piece where and what to clean correctly. Plus, avoid not doing your cleaning task in a day since dust could quickly build up to hard–clean places, thus increasing the difficulty of cleaning the area.

Quick Cleaning Tips

Aside from managing time and knowing your house, having the right tools and mindset can help you throughout the entire cleaning process. So if you want to have a much efficient cleaning time, don’t worry, we got your back.

  • Set a Timer: Setting a timer might be too much for some, but on the contrary, it helps build your time management when it comes to cleaning, let alone anything at all. You may not reach the goal at first, but nothing happens overnight, so keep doing the same thing until you eventually get the hang of it. Do note, though there’s a timer, make sure that you clean the area thoroughly.
  • Use Time Friendly Products: There are tons of cleaning products available on the market, but if you want a much efficient time cleaning, it’s recommendable to get time-saving products.
  • Microfiber Cloths: E-Cloths is best for wiping glass surfaces since they easily remove those smudges even with one swipe. So you might want to invest in microfiber cloths.
  • Extendable Dusters: This cleaner is best for hard-to-reach places. You’ll be able to quickly sweep away those dust build-up on top of the shelf or a cabinet.
  • Disposable Wipes: Though not the best choice for going green, you can opt to get one to clean a spill or mess quickly.
  • Cleaning Cheat Sheet: Preparing a cheat sheet for your cleaning schedule will quickly help you clean the places. Again, it’s your house; no one knows it better than you do. See that the cheat sheet contains a schedule from the moment you decide to start cleaning up to the end. You should have a fixed cleaning schedule; only adjust it if there are unexpected circumstances.
  • Set the alarm: If you don’t do cleaning right after you wake up, make sure to set the alarm for it. When it rings, make sure to stop whatever you are doing and start cleaning based on your cheat sheet.
  • Music while Cleaning: Playing music while cleaning is arguably one of the most used tools when doing chores. It helps to lighten up the mood and gets you moving non-stop!
  • Include the Kids: Though it might ruin the timer, it’ll eventually teach them about efficient cleaning habits and get it done much faster later on. You can instruct them to make their bed, pick up the toys and trash in their bedroom, and do other simple tasks.
  • Check the Cleaning Magnitude Needed: Observe the areas in your house, check if there are some places that need thorough cleaning; if there are, allot a separate day for those places or do cleaning increments on your daily schedule. 
  • Cleaning Supply Closet/Cabinet: This point helps you save time in the long run. If you have a place where the cleaning products and tools are, you won’t spend half of your time searching in chaos for them. Allocate an area where you can stash those products and tools so it’s easier to get them when needed.

Efficient Cleaning

Cleaning may not be the easiest thing to do, but it doesn’t have to be the hardest one, too! You don’t need to overwhelm your body to say you’ve done an excellent job cleaning. Remember, you still have tasks with your kids and husband, so don’t waste precious time just cleaning your house.

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