10 year milestones

This week we celebrated a couple of milestones.
First off, my oldest, Ayden, turned 10. 
Ten years old. How did that happen? My days of being a mom of 1 and chasing around a little boy don’t seem that far back in my memory. I can clearly remember being a very young mom with my skinny little blonde haired baby boy. I remember my first few nights up with him wondering what I had gotten myself into with the whole “motherhood” thing. I didn’t know what I was doing! I mean, I knew the basics. Feed, change, hopefully sleep, play, repeat. I had no idea what affect this sweet boy would have on my heart and on myself as a person. For 3 1/2 years this was my only baby…what would turn out to be my only boy, and too quickly he grew up into a little man who’s now too big for toys for his birthday and only wants video games and cash for his birthday. He also opted for a plain chocolate fudge cake without any cartoon characters or “Happy Birthday” message on it.
Ayden on his 1st birthday.
On the other end of the spectrum, my youngest turned 8 weeks on Ayden’s birthday. Harper is getting so big so quickly! She’s 11 pounds now and is getting chubbier by the day. She’s already growing up on me too, and she’s not the teeny little 6 1/2 pound thing I brought home from the hospital 8 weeks ago. I thought she was going to be my tiny little girl, but it turns out she’s going to be just as pudgy and have just as many sweet little rolls on her as my other two did.

Then there’s Lily, my middle one. She’s exactly 6 1/2 now, and she still thinks she’s the only princess in the house. She’s used to being the baby and getting a fair share of the attention, so when Ayden opened his birthday presents (along with a fancy new Nintendo 3DS) she couldn’t handle it. Oh the tears! I heard a lot of  “It’s not FAIR!” and there was a lot of arm crossing and huffing and puffing. I consoled her a few times and explained that it was in fact fair- that it was Ayden’s birthday, but after a while I told her to get over it. Well…daddy always makes everything all better, so he cheered her up by taking her to the grocery store with him to get stuff for dinner (and pick up the cake) and low and behold, she came back with 2 new Monster High dolls. Daddy is a pushover. Lily has always been a mommy’s girl, but as she’s getting older her and I are starting to butt heads a little more. We are both extremely strong willed. 

That’s 10 years of me being a mom! It’s kind of like a little anniversary, right?
Go me.