10 Strange but Useful Home Items You Can Find on Amazon

Amazon is one of the best online shopping platforms that a lot of people use. It offers lots of different things such as interesting books, good beauty products, healthy food options, a wide variety of clothing, cool gadgets, the best home and kitchen items, and a whole lot more. It’s actually a one-stop-shop for everything you need. But aside from the things you need, you can also find lots of unusual products on Amazon, but most of them are surprisingly useful.

If you’re looking for something unique to add to your household items, we are giving you a list of the strange but useful home items you can find on Amazon.

Where to Buy
Refrigerator Deodorizer
Pizza Scissors
Eggshell Peeler
Cut-Resistant Gloves
Angry Mama
My Critter Catcher
6-In-1 Kitchen Tool
Magnetic Wristband
The CouchCoaster
The Drain Wig

1. Refrigerator Deodorizer

A lot of us use deodorizer for our shoes and closets. But did you know that on Amazon, you will be able to find a deodorizer for your refrigerator as well? And it’s not just a plain deodorizer because it is egg-shaped. It is made of diatomite and activated carbon which is natural, non-chemical, and environmentally friendly. It has an amazing deodorizing and humidity regulating function. It can also absorb water and it also features humidity control, temperature regulation, and more. It is also reusable. This item will keep your fridge smelling great while keeping it in good condition.

Aside from putting it in your refrigerator, you can also place this deodorizer in other places like newly renovated rooms, wardrobes, and other areas where you like it to absorb odors.

2. Pizza Scissors

If you are particular about cutting pizzas perfectly, then you might like this pizza scissors from Amazon. It is a strange-looking pair of scissors but it can perfectly cut your pizza without dragging off the top layer of cheese. To use this, all you have to do is slide the spatula tip under the pizza and cut. With this item, you can toss out your pizza cutter.

3. Eggshell Peeler

Amazon can also give you a solution to make eggshell peeling an easy task. With this product, you simply need to put some water into it and place your hard-boiled egg inside. After that, shake this item up and down with enough force but carefully so you won’t break the shells completely. Once you see the white of the egg, it means you’re done and the shell will peel out of the egg’s shell.

4. Cut-Resistant Gloves

Did you know that you can also buy some cut-resistant gloves from Amazon? These gloves have the highest level of cut-resistant material, and it is four times stronger compared to leather. These also have a superior grip with a snug fit both for small and large hands. It is useful when preparing foods or when working on tasks that require precision with complete dexterity. You can use them when cutting or working with knives, graters, peeler, and even when doing some carpentry to keep your hands safe.

5. Angry Mama

Angry Mama is a microwave cleaner that you can also buy from Amazon. It is a weird-looking and slightly scary product but it can definitely clean your microwave well. You just fill this item with water and vinegar then microwave it for 7 minutes. After that, you will be able to see that the hardened grease in your microwave has loosened up and you can simply wipe them clean using a paper towel.

6. My Critter Catcher

This is another strange product from Amazon but it can definitely help you catch spiders and other insects at home. It features soft bristles that you can use to surround the bugs in your home. Once it is surrounded by the bristles, you simply need to pull the trigger to scoop it up. With this product, you no longer have to avoid disgusting critters crawling around your home.

7. 6-In-1 Kitchen Tool

If you’re one of those who are intrigued by the “less is more” mentality, then this tool can help you in downsizing the number of kitchen gadgets you have. It is a multi-function tool that combines spatula, fork, tongs, and toothed tongs in one item. It can help you save space in your kitchen while saving time at the same time on finding the tools you need when cooking. This is probably one of the best home and kitchen items you can find on Amazon.

8. Magnetic Wristband

This magnetic wristband is another strange but very useful product you can find on Amazon. It is a perfect product for woodworkers, home improvement enthusiasts, or general DIYer. With this product, you will no longer lose any screws, nuts, drill bits, nails, and washers while working because you can find them all sticking on this magnetic wristband.

9. The CouchCoaster

the CouchCoaster attached to the sofa’s arm)

The CouchCoaster is an anti-slip cup holder that you can place on the arm of your sofa or couch. It can keep accidental spills from happening if you’re one of the people who try to balance their drink on the arm of the sofa. Aside from that, this product is also a great space-saver if you do not have space in your room to have a table.

10. The Drain Wig

the Drain Wig being pulled from the drain

The drain wig is a shower drain protector that can help you remove hair from your bathroom drain without touching it. It prevents clogs in your tub and shower by automatically collecting the hair that usually causes clogs. It might be a strange product but it can solve a common household problem.

These are some of the strange but useful products you can find on Amazon. These products can definitely help you in accomplishing household chores easier and faster. Which of these products would you like to have soon? If you are looking for more useful items, you can also check out our Top 7 Cool Gadgets for Your Garden.