10 Popular 70s Decorating Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Styles and trends of the past often make a comeback after going out of style. They’re then known as retro fashion and can range from clothing style to home décor. The decorating styles of homes in the 70’s are a prime example of such trends.

Right now, the peacock chair and velvet furniture of the 70’s decade is making a splash in the home decorating industry. You can purchase a lot of options in the market without having to resort to novelty stores. Below are a few decorating trends that should get your ideas flowing:

Where to Buy
Hanging Plants
Velvet Sofas
Fiber Wall Hangings
Various Poufs
Wicker Staples
Shag Rugs
Stone Decoration
A Brass Figurine
Flora Decorations
Knitted Throws


1. Hanging Plants

If you have a passion for plants, a plant hanger should be on the top of your 70’s decorating list. This trend was huge back in the day and it’s practical to boot. These could be hung from windowsills, porch awnings, or even the ceiling of any room. They’d be sure to give a cheerful and unique look no matter where you choose to hang them. You can also easily display your favorite flowers in this manner.

A plant hanger is also useful in setting up a proper drainage system, ensuring that your baskets remain free of stagnant water. If you’re a fan of the hanging greenery but not very fond of maintaining them, there’s always the option of fake plants. To achieve that particular 70’s look, go for neon accessories and a macramé holder to finish off the effect.

2. Velvet Sofas

Home decorating trends in the 70’s were all about different textures. The luxuriousness of velvet made this an easy favorite. It’s smooth as silk but warms enough for coziness. However, you should be sure that the material isn’t too slippery. You may find yourself slipping off, which can’t be comfortable. Hence, try out the different kinds available before getting a suitable covering for your home.  

If you want to get your couch or sofa reupholstered, velvet should be one of the considerations. This may cost a little more than most other clothes, but it would be well worth the investment. It would give your house a crisp, new appearance without much effort. If there isn’t enough time or a large enough budget for covering whole pieces of furniture, some small velvet cushion covers would do almost as well. Jewel tones like canary yellow, emerald, sapphire blue, or amethyst would work best.

3. Fiber Wall Hangings

Fiber art would serve to decorate your walls and give them that coveted 70’s vibe. Having some wall hangings like this would help to warm your house along with making it more attractive. You can hence save on heating costs along with getting some inexpensive and portable decorations. If you have dingy walls and don’t have the budget to repaint them, such hangings could be the answer. Plus, they’ would ad that texture that 70’s home décor is all about.

You can easily find several shapes and sizes of woven wall hangings in the market today. They’re available in many colors as well as designs. There should be something to match the current décor of your home. In this way, you could be adding something retro without having to completely revamp everything. You might be able to find some online guides or classes on how to choose the right wall hangings for a retro look that wouldn’t look outdated.  

4. Various Poufs

A pouf is an ottoman that could be set just about anywhere and still look great along with being practical. Leather poufs, for instance, can be used in front of cozy armchairs for footrests. A Moroccan pouf might serve as a stool by itself.

In short, this is a highly versatile option that can fill up a boring corner or provide an extra seat during your parties. Poufs may also act as benches, tables, or for several other purposes in a pinch. They come in several shapes, size, and colors as well as just about any material you could wish for. Choose something to go with the colors or décor scheme you already have, or get a pouf in a completely different style to provide some contrast. An oversized pouf could also be used as a conversation or statement piece that would pull a whole room together.

5. Wicker Staples

Homes in the 70’s absolutely had to have some wicker furniture. This is a relatively simple and even inexpensive option that anyone can easily introduce into their homes today. Wicker chairs are fairly comfortable and light enough to be moved anywhere with minimal effort.

If you’re looking around for wicker furniture resembling that of the 70’s, there were some popular styles. These would include egg chairs, fancy furniture pieces, headboards, and even frames. This material is perfect for any furniture that needs to be shifted and moved quite often, such as porch furniture.

The look of wicker furniture is also quite unique. It retains a type of modern effect yet looks retro enough to give a nostalgic touch. If you can afford to spend a bit more, wicker furniture is also available in some very fancy pieces that could be suitable for a guest room or dining room.

6. Shag Rugs

Shag rugs were a popular style trend in the 70’s, especially when you consider the iconic show The Brady Bunch which had several of them. These are huge, brightly colored swaths of material that could liven up the whole house.

One thing to keep in mind is shag rugs can be difficult to clean and may not be the best choice for a home with children or pets or in areas with a lot of in/out foot traffic. If that’s the case, you can compromise by getting a small sheepskin rug. Drape this over a small chair and you can have an easy fun 70’s retro look.

Another alternative would be to invest in a carpet made of 100% wool. Try arranging small rugs in a geometric shape and choosing colors that make the rest of the room pop. However, going overboard with the neon colors may not be a good idea unless you’re highly passionate about the 70’s.

7. Stone Decoration

If you’re aiming to get that quintessential 70’s vibe, see how much stone you can get installed around the place. Choose some largish, rough rocks to accentuate a fireplace for example. This can result in an impressive display that can transform a room. You can also choose to install some stone borders around walls or in strategic places around the garden. This is one of the more permanent and expensive changes on the list so make sure you really do it just right to not overpower the room and it’s something you will love.

8. A Brass Figurine

You might have chosen modern looking chrome accents for your tables and counters. Brass, on the other hand, can be great for displaying a quirky statue or sculpture. These brass figurines were a popular 70s decorating trend and was a popular metal in that time period.

If you’re aiming for an exotic or maybe even a dramatic impression, you can choose a brass monkey, bird or some other creature. For some pretty decorations, opt for a large brass flower. Even one of these, when placed rightly, can change the tone of a whole room and bring a retro feel.

9. Flora Decorations

One trend in the 70s was the use of indoor flora and fauna for decorating.  That might include cutting and displaying giant palm fronds, feathery branches, or fern leaves in your rooms.

If you don’t want to regularly to cut plants for the decorative effect of their leaves, go for the plastic option. You may even like to bring in some potted plants with such leaves. If you can manage to keep them alive, they can be an excellent and permanent option for that 70’s plant theme.

10. Knitted Throws

Crocheting might be a grandmotherly hobby, but its results are great for those who love 70’s decorating trends. You can choose a crocheted throw rug for decorating any chair or bed in your house to add an instant retro look. The right design will depend on your personal preferences, but don’t worry too much about matching. Several colorful squares with clashing colors can be an excellent option when your goal is the 70’s look. That is part of the charm.

Like many others on this list, this decorating trend also has a practical side. The crocheted bedspreads, rugs, and covers would make for an immensely cozy effect. And, they can come in handy for winters, helping to keep one warm from cold drafts.


There are many choices available for 70’s decoration trends today. It would actually be quite simple for you to buy up a few of the items suggested above, whether at a garage sale or from an online platform like Amazon.

Experimenting with the different styles would teach you what would be suitable for your house. This would allow you to customize some of the key pieces and get the 70’s fashion into your house on your own terms.