10 Fun Halloween Snack Ideas

When it comes to picking Halloween snacks for a party or a giveaway, the taste is not all that matters. Halloween is one holiday that gives you a chance to unleash your wildest imaginations and spruce up your food in a spooky ghostly manner. Even though Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw caution to the window, it’s always a good option to try and go easy on the candies. Here –we bring you an assortment of fun Halloween snacks that have been proven over time to be immensely popular among all ages. All of these are pre-packaged snacks and you just have to creatively craft your deadly graveyard or zombie apocalypse scene while using these mouthwatering snacks as all-edible props for the food table.

Where to Buy
Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti Cake Mix
In the Mix Cupcake Kit Brains
 Crafty Cooking Kits Kelloggs Rice Krispies
Quinn Snacks Non-GMO and Gluten Free Touch of Honey Pretzels
UTZ Party Mix Barrel Chips
Combos Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Baked Snacks
Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn
REESES Milk Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pumpkin Shaped Candy
Gourmet Yogurt Covered Pretzels

1. Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti Cake Mix with Candy Bits

Pillsbury Halloween Funetti is a quick whip cake mix with candy bits included. It’s the perfect Halloween sweet treat for when you’re planning to throw a Halloween themed party for kids. The cake mix yields a moist, rich and delicious cake with minimum efforts required. The same mix can be used to bake cupcakes instead of one pound round shaped cake. Use orange pumpkin themed cupcake liners if you decide to take the cupcake route for the added Halloween flare. These can be wrapped individually and used as Halloween party favors for your kid’s friends. The same cake batter can be used to make spooky Halloween cake pops and be used as tempting sweet treats on your Halloween party food spread.

2. In the Mix Cupcake Kit, Brains

In the Mix Brain themed Cupcake Kit includes a vanilla cake mix that also comes with pink flesh frosting mix, 12 skull aprons, and one piping bag. It’s perfect for families who like celebrating Halloween traditions together as a family. Whipping up a batch of zombie-themed cupcakes with your kids can be a fun interactive activity. This kit comes equipped with everything from the dry ingredients to cupcake liners to frosting and decoration supplies. So, it’s all fun and no fret. This is also a perfect option for parents looking for Halloween creative snack ideas for their kid’s classroom parties. This is far more innovative yet convenient than getting Halloween packaged candies off the supermarket shelf.

3. Crafty Cooking Kits Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats Ghost Pop Kit

Craft Cooking Kits Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats Ghost Pop Kit is an all-inclusive ready to fix Halloween treat that enables you and your kids to create your own spooky scary yet deliciously yummy ghost scene. It’s a must-have for parents who don’t want their kids to get on sugar high during the trick and treat season without getting at least some of the nutrition throughout the day. The package comes with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal, which is America’s favorite classic puffed oven-toasted crunchy rice cereal that’s healthy yet delicious, mini marshmallows and vanilla frosting mix. The kit also contains necessary decoration items to create your perfect horror sight: a black icing pen, piping bag, 8 pop sticks and one plastic mold with ghost shapes. This makes a great Halloween themed mid-day healthy snack or a healthy candy alternative for kids. The best part is even grownups approve of this lip-smacking Halloween snack.

4. Quinn Snacks Non-GMO and Gluten Free Touch of Honey Pretzels

Pretzel sticks are the ultimate crazy delicious traditional party food that you can’t just overlook even on Halloween. Quinn Snacks Touch of Honey Pretzels are gluten free, corn free, soy free, non-GMO verified, whole grain treats that are perfect for health freaks in your Halloween party. Even though Quinn Snacks pretzel sticks come in various flavors, the Touch of Honey is the most befitting for the Halloween owing to its shade. Use your creativity and include them in setting up a deadly scene on your Halloween party table. Tie these together like a broom for a Harry Potter themed snack to give away instead of candies. Or, dip one end of these sticks to red food coloring and turn them into witch finger pretzel rods. These pretzel sticks can also be used to make fences for your Rice Krispies ghost haunted house.

5. UTZ Party Mix Barrel Chips

UTZ Party Mix Barrel Chips are the perfect crowd pleaser Halloween party snack because it has an assortment of all sorts of crispy savory treats. The barrel is a blend of traditional white corn tortilla chips, BBQ flavored red corn chips, cheesy curly crisps, creamy nachos, and pretzels wheels – you get everything in this one gigantic party mix. The chips are certified kosher and trans-fat free so you can feed a variety of guests on it. Dump all these in a big black plastic bowl, use a white marker to draw ghostly faces and danger signs. Fill up a carved pumpkin with some guacamole or tangy salsa and serve on the side of your chips. You can also serve red salsa in the shape of a burnt evil hand and serve your chips on the side.

6. Combos Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Baked Snacks

Combos Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Baked Snacks are crispy pretzels stuffed with cheddar cheese flavored creamy and rich filling and oven baked to crunchy toasty perfection. This is the best finger-licking good finger food if you are planning to throw a Halloween party for the grownups. It’s easy to just pop open the bag and serve them with dips and sauces. Heat it in the microwave for a few seconds to enhance the flakiness and mimic a freshly baked aroma. It’s also a great Halloween snack for kids until it is candy hunting time. To spruce up the Halloween theme, you can decorate these as zombie’s fingers on a spooky web layered melted cheese, guacamole, and salsa dip.

7. Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn

Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorns are the classic gourmet caramelized popcorn that is a Halloween must-have munching snack. Popcornopolis popcorns are certified gluten-free and non-GMO, made with 100% American-grown corn and contains 0 grams of trans-fat. The best part is they are sweet and crunchy just like the candy popcorns are supposed to be yet there’s no high fructose corn syrup included. Furthermore, these are made with pure coconut oil so a rather healthy option to fill your kids Halloween candy buckets. This would make great mid-night snacks for people planning horror movie night on Halloween with either family or a bunch of friends. Popcornopolis gourmet popcorns come in a pumpkin-colored tin but you can also place them in a googly-eyed bowl for a Halloween themed snack bar.


Gummy decorations are perfect for top cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other treats! You just have to attach this gummy decorations with a dot of icing and experience the best of Halloween!  

9. REESE’S Milk Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pumpkin Shaped Candy in Halloween Packaging

Reese’s pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cups are the perfect option for people who prefer pre-packaged snacks. These are the classic milk chocolate covered peanut butter cups but instead of regular cups, they are formed like pumpkins and come individually wrapped in special Halloween packaging. These are popular among kids and adults alike. So, you can either stack them up on a platter for an at-home Halloween party or can just use these to fill kids’ candy buckets. No need to toil in the kitchen to make peanut butter cups at home from scratch, when these are just as melt-in-your-mouth good.

10. Gourmet Yogurt Covered Pretzels by Its Delish

Delish Gourmet Yogurt Covered Pretzels are an assortment of sweet and salted crunchy pretzels generously coated with yogurt, white chocolate, and sprinkles. It’s a carefully curated balanced blend of sweet and salted toppings that make these pretzels a rare treat for the taste buds. These are certified kosher and vegan-friendly. You can either nibble these on their own or throw them in your tortilla chips barrel to add more variety and texture. Plus, these are white hence perfect to set up as tiny ghost faces on a platter. Use either black icing pens to draw eyes on the pretzel ghosts or just throw these all in a spooky pumpkin shaped jar. These are a party hit!

Final Verdict

Halloween is the holiday for sugar-rush or binge-eating carbs. However, having a variety of snacks to munch on always help when you’re inviting people over or just planning edible party favors or handing out snacks to kids. Our carefully chartered list encompasses all pre-packaged Halloween snacks that are not only delicious but also proven crowd pleasers.