10 Benefits of Green Tea You Should Know About

Green tea has a very long history, and it is not exactly known when and who founded green tea in its original form or how it was discovered. We usually hear of green tea being consumed on a regular basis in countries like China and Japan. However, green tea is now a favorite beverage all over the world and is touted for its health benefits as well as its delicious taste.

There are plenty of stories and legends about the discovery of green tea. While each of these stories is interesting, no one can say whether any one legend is completely true. What is definitely certain is that green tea is more than four or even five thousand years old.

The Making of Green Tea

Green tea is made from the plant Camellia sinensis, and it is prepared when you put tea leaves in boiling water. The healthiest version of this tea, as of any beverage, is obtained without sugar and artificial additives. When searching for the right green tea, it’s important to understand that herbal tea and green tea are two different things. There are also several health benefits of herbal tea

, but it’s not under discussion here.

Books About Green Tea

There are plenty of books about preparation and proper use of green tea. A large number of these books originate from China. Inside, it revealed how green tea is properly used and how it is served. For instance, there is a whole tea ceremony in Japan, which some people learn from a very early age.

Today, there are several types of methods for green tea preparation. These types vary according to where green tea grows and the time of year it’s harvested.

Origin of Green Tea

Green tea originates from China, and it is generally accepted that was founded around 4700 years during the time of Emperor Shennong.

This is just one of the many origin stories, but many people believe that green tea originated when the Emperor coincidentally dropped a couple of leaves of tea in boiling water during a trip. After he tried this accidental drink and tasted it, he ordered his companions to prepare him this very tasty drink throughout the rest of the trip.

Green Tea Consumption

Tea consumption had great social significance in China, so a lot of time was spent on identifying the actual best method of preparation of tea. Today, the teas are prepared in different ways, but traditional preparation is usually believed to bring about the best effects on the human body.

Traditionally, green tea is prepared by steeping. It is best to add four grams of green tea to two hundred milliliters of water. This amount is equivalent to a quantity of one teaspoon to one hundred and fifty milliliters of hot water.

The water temperature should be between 142 and 189 Fahrenheit, and brewing or steeping should last from half a minute to three minutes. If the green tea is of low quality, it should be given a bit longer to steep.

Green tea of high quality needs a shorter period of time for steeping, but it’s best if you steep it several times in a row. If tea is over-steeped, it usually develops a bitter taste that most people do not like.

Green Tea and Health

It is common knowledge that green tea hold several benefits that contribute to our overall health. Due to the small number of calories, you can consume green tea every day without having to compromise on the rest of your daily intake. Below, we’ll look at the benefits of green tea one by one:

1. Weight loss – Weight loss is a common goal, especially if you are overweight. There are many methods and programs for losing weight, but some of them are not good for you and could cause unwanted side effects. Drinking green tea will not make you slim after a couple of days, but it could increase your metabolism a bit as well as improve your digestion and help your weight loss goals..

Don’t expect miracles, though, as in order to lose weight you mostly have to change your diet habits. There is not enough evidence to prove that green tea can actively melt away unwanted fat. However, it can certainly help you get there, especially if you drink green tea instead of eating a snack.

2. Cancer prevention – Polyphenols in green tea can decrease tumor growth, according to the National Cancer Institute based on animal studies. Some case studies show that green tea can decrease the risk of lung, prostate, ovarian, esophageal, prostate and skin cancer, but more research is needed to confirm this.

3. Heart disease and green tea –Cardiovascular diseases are one of the dangerous diseases in the 21st century. Drinking green tea might reduce the risk of these diseases, according to numerous studies. This is because green tea has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. It can serve to reduce cell inflammation, which then reduces pressure on the heart.

4. Lowering cholesterol – Green tea has the potential to lower total and LDL cholesterol while good, HDL cholesterol level remains the same. This is good news for all those who have to lower their cholesterol but find it difficult to change their diet. However, we definitely recommend reducing fast food and unhealthy drinks for maximum results.

5. Type 2 diabetes – There are not enough scientifically proven facts about lowering glucose in the bloodstream, but some studies show that green tea can prevent type 2 diabetes. Of course, this depends on the genetic predisposition of a person.

6. Skincare – Because of the antioxidants inside it, green tea can make your skin looks more flexible and clear. If you want to take care of your skin every day, drinking green tea can help you in this process. Many studies showed that green tea reduces skin inflammation and can alleviate several types of skin conditions such as psoriasis.

7. Anti-stress – Stress cannot be completely eliminated from our routine, as our busy lifestyles and full schedules place great demands on us every single day. Still, we can do something to reduce stress –positive thinking, regular exercise and consuming healthy beverages plus food are all steps in the right direction. What’s more, green tea is rich in theanine, which works well against depression and stress.

8. Boosting the immune system – If your immune system is weak, you’re more likely to catch a cold, feel tired and sleepy all day, and not have enough energy to complete all your tasks during the day. Green tea, due to its flavonoids, antioxidants, and caffeine content, will boost and improve your immune system in just a week or two.

9. Improved brain function – The heart and brain have a very deep connection. If green tea has a positive impact on your heart, it will have a positive impact on your brain too. This is why it’s also believed to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in many people. Green tea’s polyphenols have a positive influence on your brain, thus improving function, memory, and learning.

Products for Making Green Tea

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If you love to drink tea, green tea will be a definitely good choice for everyday consumption. Many people drink it even if they don’t like the taste. However, after some time, you will definitely love the taste of green tea!

From the discussion above, we may conclude that the health benefits of green tea are numerous. Although there are not enough scientific facts about green tea benefits, we can say that drinking green tea is good for you.

If you didn’t start drinking green tea, you better start today. You might want to check out this stuff for making tea—the reviews here will help you decide which method is best for everyday use:

1. Plum Deluxe Citrus Mint Refreshing Relaxing Jade Green Tea

This organic green tea is non-GMO product that’s made in the United States. It’s a traditional loose-leaf form of green tea and yields around 45 cups from one 3-ounce pouch. There are no sulfites, harmful artificial chemicals, or several other unwanted substances inside this option. As for the flavor, you get a citrus flavor as well as a soft spearmint taste that both fulfills and soothes you throughout the day.

2. BandTie Brewing System

A traditional cup of green tea usually entails a proper brewing system. This bone china and porcelain cup comes with a handy lid that allows your tea to steep without cooling. It’s available in several different designs, including that of a colorful peony and blue wintersweet. The designs here are traditional Chinese hand-painted patterns, which will give you a sense of enjoying genuine green tea every time.

3. Dehua Porcelain Tea Set

If you want the experience of pouring green tea from a teapot, this option could come in handy for just one person. The teapot and teacup join together here, which allows for a proper steeping system.  

Again, you may choose from a variety of options here, including dark blue, dark green, and black. The construction makes it portable so you may enjoy a traditional cup even when traveling.

4. Tealyra – Hojicha Roasted Green Tea

According to the reviews on Amazon, this is genuine Hojicha green tea.  It’s a delicious roasted tea that’s high in antioxidants and low in caffeine. This makes it an ideal option for a healthy lifestyle.

Hojicha is a tea that’s unique to the Japanese culture. It was created about a century ago in the region of Kyoto. Since it has a mild flavor, you can partake of it at any time of the day.  

Its mild flavor makes this brew incredibly complimentary, hojicha truly is a wonderful tea for any time of the day. Of course, you’ll have to pay top dollar for such an item, but seasoned tea lovers affirm that the experience is worth it.

5. Tea ball Infuser for loose Tea 2 PACK Stainless Steel filters trainer

We’ve discussed quite a few loose leaf teas above, so let’s look at a simple way to steep them without the bother of straining. These stainless steel mesh infusers are shaped like tiny baskets, ideal for holding a single serving of green tea. You fill them up, and then dip them inside your mug of hot water.

This way, you can steep your tea in a safe yet convenient fashion. There wouldn’t be any sediment to get into your mouth and spoil the green tea experience.

6. Japanese Style Cast Iron Teapot

If you want to have a very traditional way of drinking green tea, investing in this cast iron teapot might be a good start. This has a stainless steel infuser, which will make up to 30 ounces of green tea if required.

This teapot will brew your tea in an old-school fashion. It’s also resistant to heat, durable, and safe for putting in the dishwasher. You can hence get your delicious cup of tea without sacrificing on convenience.

7. Yamamotoyama Genmai Cha Roasted Brown Rice Green Tea

There are several flavors of green tea, and you can enjoy the brown rice one in a convenient fashion with these tea bags.  There are about 90 tea bags in this pack, which will probably keep anyone satisfied for months.

The green tea leaves inside the bags are non-GM and gluten-free. This makes them a healthy option as well as a yummy flavor for many green tea lovers.

9. Organa Panfired Green Tea Pods

We’ve heard of those little coffee pods that shave off some precious minutes from our morning routines. If we want to switch over to green tea, such pods are fortunately available for this beverage as well.

These pods have certified organic green tea inside them. Each piece will make one teacup in a matter of seconds. However, they’re meant for use in special pod brewers, not the Keurig machines.

10. 45oz/1350ml Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser & Spout Filter & Coaster

This glass teapot kettle is a beautiful piece that will act as both decoration and kitchen essential. It has a unique squarish shape, with a stainless steel filter infuser inside for easy steeping. You can purchase this in various sizes according to your everyday tea needs.

11. Ceramic Kungfu Tea Set,Portable Travel Tea Set

The tea tray is constructed of bamboo panel and melamine chassis and is not deformed, easily damaged, robust, or difficult to clean. To buy genuine products, please locate the Amazon store: Lucky Forest Factory. These tea sets are created utilizing a high-temperature fire that ranges from 1250 to 1400 degrees Celsius, high quality raw materials, and a thousand years of Chinese pottery-making expertise. The glazed surface is smooth, elegant, and simple, with a simple elegance that is very elegant.


As we can see, there are several ways to go about brewing an everyday cup of green tea. If we want to add this healthy beverage to our routine, there’s simply no excuse! With the items above, it’s easy to purchase organic green tea as well as the equipment for proper, convenient steeping.